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LASSO Original


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LASSO is the innovative solution to prevent tangles and protect your delicate necklaces, pendants, studs, rings, earbuds and tech cords. Simply "Slip, Wrap, Snap" your favorite accessories in and around the patented, shatterproof barrel for on-the-go travel & at-home storage.

LASSO is available in Pearl, Blush, and Cool Gray.

How It Works

  1. Open the end caps
  2. Insert the pendant inside the barrel at one end
  3. Snap the cap shut
  4. Wrap the chain around the barrel
  5. Feed the clasp through the notch at the opposite end
  6. Snap the cap shut

That's it! LASSO is perfect for safely traveling with your necklaces and tech essentials, or simply organizing and storing your accessories at home. To see the LASSO in action, visit our how-to resource page. 


  • Proudly manufactured in the USA
  • Accommodates a variety of chain lengths
  • Secure more than one necklace at a time
  • Store rings and small earrings inside the barrel
  • Fits inside of a purse, bag pocket, or travel pouch (2"x1"x1")
  • Made of shatterproof, BPA-free Tritan 
  • Bonus: Wrap the cords of your earbuds, charger cords... or really any cord for that matter!